Sell us your Pokemon Codes for Cash


Submission Button may not work on mobile please use laptop or desktop instead if the submission button is not working on mobile if you cant type in the boxes please us another browser thats not Google Crome.

Step 1: Scan with Pokellector App On iPhone or PTCGO scanner on Android (email to your own email) *If you get a error on iphone or Apple Device saying "cant e-email" you must log in to the Apple Mail App for the function to work.* *Warning If You Click Sell On The App You Are Selling To Someone Else Please Make Sure You E-Mail Them To Yourself And Copy Them To My Form*

Step 2: Fill Out The Form Step

3: Get Paid Any orders over 200$ please e-mail us at so we can confirm that we can accept them at our current rates. All submissions will be paid within 48-72 hours!