Sell us your Pokemon Singles For Cash

Submission Button may not work on mobile please use laptop or desktop instead if the submission button is not working on mobile if you cant type in the boxes please us another browser thats not Google Crome.

Pokemon Singles Instructions

Step 1: Photograph your singles with a time stamp group photos will work for this to minimize time on taking individual photos.


Step 2: Condition check each card for it to be in near mint condition standards any card under near mint condition will be returned at the sellers cost of shipping. 


Step 3:  Download the TGCPlayer app on android / ios and start creating a list this will keep track of all the items you will like to sell and will keep them organized.


Step 4: On the TGCPlayer you can click the 3 dots on the scanning section and copy to clipboard the full list and paste the full list on to our buy list form bellow. Make Sure to take screenshots of the full list before deleting we will need these to verify the market price is not altered .


Step 5: Once the contact information & cards you will like to sell are filled out click submit and we will review and reach out to you with the next steps to follow threw with the sale!

Step 6: We are currently using Saturdays & Sundays for processing Singles And pay comes on a "first come, first served" basis. Payment will be sent to the Paypal E-mail you have provided to us and we will reply to the E-mail that the payment has been sent out.

We are currently looking to buy Pokemon Singles @60% TCGPlayer Market Price All Cards Must Be In Near Mint Condition please make a tcgplayer list using the tcgplayer app and have it ready to send the list over with pictures of the cards with a time stamp!

Currently Accepting The Following Type of cards from XY to Sword & Shield Blocks

Pokemon V

Pokemon VMAX

Pokemon VSTAR

Pokemon GX

Pokemon EX

Trainer Gallery / Character Rares

Amazing Rares

Radiant Rares

Shiny Vault Cards (Baby Shiny)

Secret Rare

Rainbow/Hyper Rares

Full Art Trainers

Celebrations Classic Collection